PR and Marketing Strategy

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PR and Marketing Strategy

Here at Announce we love to plan. We also love to think creatively, which is why developing a PR and marketing strategy is one of our favourite things. 

Working with us to develop a strategy can be useful if you know you want to achieve a certain outcome, or set of outcomes, but aren't sure which marketing tool to use. 

Maybe you want to reach a new customer segment, or launch a new product or service. 

You might be looking to expand into a new geographical area or increase the traffic to your website. 

Whatever your objectives, we can develop a tailored strategy to deliver them.

The first step to building a robust strategy is knowledge and understanding, and we do our research to ensure we are fully informed. The foundation to our strategies is insights, and once we have built up a rounded picture of what makes your customers and influencers tick, we start brainstorming. 

All our strategies are based around clear, achievable and measurable objectives to ensure complete transparency from start to finish. 

In fact, we're so committed to measurement, we wrote a blog post about it 'Column inches mean nothing'.