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Column inches mean nothing

There was a time when column inches were everything, and I mean literally everything, in PR terms.

PR campaigns were made or broken on column inches or, to use a now antiquated term, AVEs. The Advertising Equivalent Value was the main tool used by the PR industry to measure the success of a campaign. Put simply, the size of an editorial was correlated to the cost to place an advert of the same size in a particular publication.

Now, as far as measurement terms go, this one was pretty useless and did nothing to represent the true value of PR. For one thing, editorial and advertising are viewed and valued in completely different ways by consumers. Any straw poll would give the same result, that readers would be more likely to be influenced by an article over an ad.

And not to mention the fact that PR goes so much more beyond column inches and press coverage.

Now, thankfully, the PR industry has moved on and huge steps are being taken to ingrain a new measurement model into agencies and PR pros. AMEC is the International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication, which has recently launched the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework.

This new evaluation tool provides PR consultancies like Announce with a best practice tool to measure the success of PR activity, demonstrating a clear return on investment for clients. After all, everyone wants to see their name in print, but what businesses really want and need is for investment in PR to drive a measurable positive change on the bottom line.

PR is constantly evolving and now involves so much more than securing press coverage. PR pros must now be social media and SEO savvy and use these tools to build an effective PR strategy that can demonstrate true return on investment.

So, if you want your PR efforts to do more than just produce an article in a magazine, and produce results that have a direct impact on your business that you can measure, contact Announce PR on

You can also talk to us about our track record in doing this for other businesses!

Announce PR is an established PR agency based in Bedfordshire, working with clients across Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and beyond.

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